Armed + Dangerous

As part of a great Learn Squared course by Alex Figini I created this concept of a mechanically enhanced street fighter, set in a cyberpunk-style environment. My goal here was to keep most of the human shapes, but enhance them with mechanical elements and protective parts. The street style of the clothing was a big part of the design to make him look recognizably young and “in touch” with modern fashion (The North Face clothing is so durable it’ll last until this far future).

Armed + Dangerous is the fictitious name I gave this project, but I might delve into this world, that started to grow in my head during the making of this concept, in later projects.

Some closeups below, as well as one of the final concepts that the design was based on (though some elements changed as the design was worked out in 3D).

The towel is what you get when doing concepts whilst listening to “The Hitchhikers Guide to The Galaxy”.