Moonlight Peaks

YEAR: 2024
Little Chicken Game Company
SOFTWARE: Blender, Substance Painter, Unity

About – Moonlight Peaks is a life-simulation video game that incorporates elements of farming, romance, and adventure, all set within a mystical and enchanting world. In this game, players manage a farm, interact with magical creatures, and build relationships with other characters in the game. Its unique blend of traditional farming simulation mechanics with fantastical elements sets it apart from other games in the genre. Moonlight Peaks aims to offer a captivating and immersive experience by combining familiar farming activities with a rich, narrative-driven environment.

Work – Starting out with 3D modeling props, my work for this project quickly escalated to assisting with shader setup, modular design for customisation and implementation workflows. Next to that I took time to set up systems for consistent importing of assets and a clean workflow within Unity (using importer presets and creating a custom folder creation tool). Within the models I had the chance to further grow my stylised modeling and hand painting texture skills.