Professional Works

These projects were developed both during my employment at various companies as a 3D artist and independently as part of freelance work done in my free time for a variety of different contractors. Each project reflects a blend of my professional experience and personal initiative, showcasing my ability to deliver 3D models, concepts and experiences in diverse environments and under different scopes of work. This portfolio highlights my commitment to creative 3D design, whether working as part of a team or independently. Some projects I’ve worked on are unfortunately still under NDA so I can’t share them here. The projects shown below do express my range and broad interests in a variety of subjects and software packages.

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Moonlight Peaks by Little Chicken Game Company
REKT: PARTY by Little Chicken Game Company
Blitz GT by Little Chicken Game Company
Stylized car models for Colorbleed
Commercial background prop modeling for Colorbleed
Architectural Visualisation for Virtual Builders
VR modeling in UE4 for AMP Amsterdam
Product visualisation for Holland Gold
Product visualisation for Masquelier's